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Диджитал бинарные опционы. 1). Классификация по доходности.

A digital option is a type of options contract that has a fixed payout if the underlying asset moves past the predetermined threshold or strike price. Digital options are also referred to as a "binary" or "all-or-nothing options.

Traditional options give buyers the ability, though not the obligation, to transact in the underlying security at a predetermined price—called the strike price—by date of expiration—or the end date of the contract.

2). Классификация по срокам опциона.

Options have a premium attached to them, meaning they have an upfront fee. The premium can fluctuate over time and vary from option-to-option based on the value of the underlying security, how close the option is to its expiration, the strike price, and the level of demand for the option in the market.

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The value of the premium can also provide insight as to value investors place on диджитал бинарные опционы option and the underlying security. An option that has value will likely have a higher premium than an option that is unlikely to make a profit by its expiry date.

Options are available for many securities including equities, currencies such as the euro, and commodities such as crude oil, corn, and natural диджитал бинарные опционы.

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Key Takeaways Digital options are a type of options contract that has a fixed payout if the underlying диджитал бинарные опционы moves past the predetermined threshold or strike price. The upfront fee called the premium is the maximum loss for digital options.

Instead, digital options pay out the fixed amount to the investor if the price of the underlying security is above or below the strike of the option at expiry. In most cases, investors who sell traditional options диджитал бинарные опционы дельта гамма опциона as an income strategy and hope the option will not be exercised so they can keep the premium.

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Some digital options brokers break up these options into calls and puts, whereas others have only one option where traders can buy or sell—depending on which direction they expect the price will go. Call options are bought when the price of the underlying is expected to rise.

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Digital options may appear to be similar to standard options contracts, but they may be traded on unregulated platforms.

As a result, digital options can carry a higher risk of fraudulent activity. Nadex is a regulated digital options broker in the U. The platform provides strike prices and expirations for various underlying assets.

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If they think the underlying will be below the strike, they sell the option. Pros Digital options pay a fixed amount диджитал бинарные опционы the underlying asset moves past the predetermined threshold or strike price. The maximum loss for digital options is limited to the upfront fee or premium. Digital options can be risky if traded on unregulated platforms.

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However, there needs to be enough buyers and seller available. In other диджитал бинарные опционы, the liquidity —buying and selling interest—needs to be present to unwind an option position before expiry. Compare Accounts.

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